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We provide the following services to both commercial and residential clients:

Carpet & Upholstery
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Restoration
  • Oriental Rug Care and Restoration
  • Fabric Protection
  • Water Damage Repair
Hardwood Floors
  • Hardwood Sales and Installations
  • Hardwood Floor Care and Restoration
  • Sanding and Refinishing
  • Clean, Wash and Polish Floors
  • Application of Oil and Water-based finishes
Cleaning Up Spills . . .

Stains are inevitable.  A stain-resistant carpet resists soil and cleans easily.  If your carpet is stain treated with a product like Scotchgard, you'll need to follow that manufacturer's instructions for cleaning to avoid voiding the stain warranty.

When a spill happens, you'll have the most success if you treat it immediately.  Always blot the area to be cleaned.  One of the best agents to use on water-based spills is club soda.  Keep a bottle handy at room temperature for emergencies.  After blotting to remove a spill, dribble the club soda on the stain.  Let it set for a moment and then blot again to remove the stain.

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We can treat carpet or fabric with Scotchgard™ after cleaning to help protect against stains. 
 Teflon® Teflon® can be applied after carpet cleaning to keep your carpet looking clean longer by repelling liquids and spills and providing protection against dirt.
 Steri-fab® We can apply Steri-fab®, a product that deodorizes and helps protect against insects, bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. This product is especially helpful for use after water damage.
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